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Introducing Pricing by Customer

Introducing Pricing by Customer

In our continued effort to listen to the needs of our clients we are happy to introduce that UNOSOF now offers pricing by customer. We initially believed that managing pricing by customer was a very detailed way to manage pricing and could easily become over-complicated especially when performing functions such as adding new customers or having to change many customers prices at once. Our goal at first was to simplify the process of pricing by grouping customers into markets and allowing price sheets to be managed per market so that changes to pricing would affect all customers within that market.


While this sounded good on paper, it ultimately did not give our customers the detailed level of control that they required. We realize that the needs of our customers comes first which is we very excited to now be able to offer this module.


UNOSOF Pricing by Customer includes the following features:


  • Copy Price sheets between multiple Customers
  • Active/Default Price Sheets per Customer
  • Switch pricesheets easily across purchase orders
  • Editable Pricing without the need of downloading and re-uploading new price sheets
  • Create unique dispos per client based on customer price sheets
  • Automated blocking of invoicing if the price drops below the pre-set pricing level


We hope this tool further enhances the ability of our clients to work within UNOSOF and we looking forward to introducing more modules in the coming weeks. If you are not yet working with this module please contact us today in order to have it activated in your system.



Jeremy Adams
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