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New Integrated Business Intelligence and CRM Tools

New Integrated Business Intelligence and CRM Tools

We have recently introduced in our system some new Business Intelligence Reporting tools to better guide sales representatives during the sales process. One of the difficult challenges we faced internally was looking at what type of data is most useful when negotiating with a customer. While calculating an average price or total stems sold over a given time-frame is a great start, it doesn’t really identify how good of a customer it is or how they compare with the averages of your company. We felt the need to go further and put together data in a way that quickly visually identifies how a customer is performing.


Here are the key metrics we found most useful to include in our new tool.


  • Last 52 week buying history vs current 52 week buying history. Are they buying more from you this year or less?
  • What is the average price compared to the average price of your company as a whole?
  • What percentage of your orders take reds vs. colors and how much of this clients orders are on Standing Orders vs. Open Market?
  • What is the % of mixed box vs. solid boxes the client buys?
  • Are they paying a higher price per CM for mixed boxes or solid boxes?
  • What did the customer buy most from you in the last 30 days (split in Open Market and Standing Order)
  • What as the average price they were paying for these items vs. the average price of the variety in your farm?
  • What varieties have the highest possibility for growth potential based on current buying trends and last years buying trends?


These are just a few of the performance metrics we now highlight for every one of your customers directly from the Purchase Order screen within UNOSOF. We also allow this data to be drilled down further by including filters for shipping customer as well as isolating out individual species. We have also included basic CRM functionality which allows you to record notes about your customers and track additional information such as birthdays, anniversaries, and hobbies.


We are super excited about this latest update as well as working hard to continue to innovate and bring leading edge solutions to the flower industry.


Check out our screenshots!






Jeremy Adams
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