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Who we are

We are pleased to introduce UNOSOF, an enterprise-level SaaS solution that has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. Our passionate and talented team of experts, based in the USA and South America, possess extensive experience, abilities, and knowledge in developing software solutions for the floral industry. We are committed to providing you with a sustainable, scalable, and reliable tool that will meet your business needs.


Our Solutions

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Vertical Commercial

We take pride in adding direct commercial value to our partners by providing established REST API JSON file endpoints, which connect data seamlessly to the industry.

Traceability & BI Solutions

We ensure that our partners have access to structure, transparency, and traceability in all internal processes, resulting in optimal decision-making and order fulfillment.


Our commitment to providing top-quality support and consultancy is unwavering, and we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in this regard.


With over 10 years of development we have an extensive feature set which is continually being updated

Automated Order Fulfillment

Automated order fulfillment from live inventory based on order priority.

Online Webshop Sales

Setup a brand and sell your product online, direct from live inventory.

Umbrella Centralized

Umbrella centralized management for
multiple companies.

Remote Inventory Management

Perfect Remote Inventory Management for AMS and MIA via established vertical integrations.

API Integrations

Third-party API integrations (Cargo, tuck, handling, accounting, buying platforms)
by using standardized database mappings in which we applied floricode library.

Unique Barcode Scanning

FIFO Inventory Management with Barcode Scanning
(Bunches / Boxes / Proconas). Every barcode being generated in Unosof has a unique ID for bunches, boxes, POs, and Invoices, for full traceability and vertical integration opportunities.

Integration Possibilities

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Did you know that:

  • You can call our live inventory and shoot POs back so that we pack and ship? Done with Four Seasons!
  • We can match your box sticker design and map our box ID with yours for full Track & Trace, which avoids double labeling and mismatch mistakes? Done with Delaware Valley
  • Did you know that instead of calling, we can shoot an inventory into your platform (and update that every X min) for sales exposure, we can pull or receive POs back, that we pack and ship? Done with Tradewinds International
  • Did you know that Cargo Agencies can use our box IDs for full Track & Trace and receiving status from farm to cargo agency? Done with Alianza Logistic
  • Did you know that you can hook up any Accounting system?  Done with TripleA SoftwareVentureAsinfoSypsoft (SAP)DecisionFenix.
  • Did you know that we can hook up UNOSOF with any BI solution? Done with PowerBI

Product Price

Pricing is a flat monthly rate based on your organization’s size and complexity. Our monthly rate includes unlimited access to application updates as well as end-user support. customized developments available at an additional hourly date.

Product Implementation

The implementation period can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on the size and complexity of your organization. Prior to implementation, our team will perform a thorough diagnostic analysis of your organization.


Feedback Froum Our Clients
Rosita Altamirano
    Rosita Altamirano

    Sales Manager – Florecal

    “UNOSOF is simply the best Flower Manage Sales System in history. There has been a natural adoption of the system with perfect and personalized training. Our users immediately see the benefit to themselves, to their teams, and to the company as a whole. More years to come more development to reach!!”

    José Miguel Orska
      José Miguel Orska

      General Manager – Flower Village

      “For a long time, I was looking for a flower system that follows our ways of working instead of being forced to do things according to the programmer’s mind. UNOSOSF was the answer since they not only provide a friendly, efficient, and reliable program but a service converting our needs into a system. Many farms, tired of systems in the market, have tried or do their own programing at a high expense in cost and time. UNOSOF are the guys to do that for us. I highly recommend them.”

      Sebastian Padula
        Sebastian Padula

        Director Holding Elite – Ecuador

        “Unosof helped us to improve controls and simplify processes, as a result we have achieved an optimization in several aspects in the post-harvest and in the sales team.”

        Esteban Chiriboga
          Esteban Chiriboga

          Ecoroses S.A.

          “Using UNOSOF brought clarity and transparency to our commercial department, figures came readily available for timely decision making, it was a real eye opener.”

          Carlos Naveda
            Carlos Naveda

            Director – Tessa Corp

            ‘Unosof has helped us to go one step further! It is a very friendly system that improves organization and control. We highly recommend using it, our sales team became more efficient and more dynamic. Managers can take now better decisions and focus on targets easier than before. Support is always available and very qualified for solving any inquires or questions users might have.”

            Santiago Crespo
              Santiago Crespo

              Gerente Administrativo – Malima

              “Finally, a reliable software made for the flower industry, with the advantage of being able to personalize it to the requirements of our company. Also, with the support of a great team that have always been ready to give support and generate new developments.”

              Our Partners