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Digital Third Party-Integrations

Digital Third Party-Integrations

One of the most frustrating tasks for nearly every end user is the manual re-entry of data across multiple systems. Not only does it generate hours of needless busy work but it also opens the door for human error when hand typing this information over to a new system. While digital integrations have always been possible they also generate their own set of challenges. Challenges such as how do you accurately map data between the supplier and receiver? The most common information needing to be synchronized are Provider IDs, Customer IDs, Product IDs, Box IDs, Cargo Agency and Trucking IDs. With multiple systems for buyers and farms each integration can become a job in itself. What happens when I add new products or new customers? How does this information synchronize between multiple end-points automatically?


While there is not one-solution to fix it all, we have decided to take an approach to auto-generate digital invoices within UNOSOF which are now emailed along with the traditional PDF invoices. We have included all the data that is in the PDF document (and then some) into a digital JSON file which can easily be read and parsed by any system out there. This means that anyone who buys from a farm which works with UNOSOF now has the potential to import invoices directly and automatically into their system. We have also standardized all our product codes based on the Floricode specifications as well as provide multiple data points to map information against.


Based on this latest update we have had multiple integration requests with client specific platforms and we remain open to any and all 3rd party integrations. We recognize that the entire process chain improves through integration and the sharing of data. Not only does it reduce costs but it also improves the accuracy and availability of information through the entire chain. In the coming weeks we will also be opening up our API’s to pull farm inventory as well as post orders for direct farm buying. We are very excited for the new tools in development and excited for the impact it can have for the industry as a whole.


Check out the sample JSON file below.




Jeremy Adams
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