UNOSOF Joins Komet Sales – A New Chapter Of Innovation!

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UNOSOF Joins Komet Sales – A New Chapter Of Innovation!

Dear UNOSOF Customers:

We have some exciting news to share – UNOSOF has joined forces and merged with Komet Sales! This union marks the beginning of a new chapter, one filled with enhanced innovation, efficiency, and global connectivity.  Both of us (Jeremy and Jeroen) are continuing our roles leading UNOSOF and continuing to build the best possible solutions for our customers.  UNOSOF will continue to operate as you have always known it, but by combining forces with Komet, we are working to make it easier than ever for farms to manage and sell their inventory and reduce the headaches and hassles that our customers experience with e-commerce.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Komet is the leading provider of ERP and inventory management software for floral importers and wholesalers. They also operate the Komet-2-Komet (K2K) network which is the largest e-commerce platform for the floral industry in the americas. K2K allows floral farms, importers and wholesalers to grow their revenue while reducing their overhead and product spoilage with features such as enabling future sales and automatically generating purchase orders and routing.

This combination is also allowing us to reshape our development and customer support teams more efficiently to offer enterprise level scalability, sustainability and security for all our partners in the industry. 

What does this mean for you?

We have already started working with Komet on some shared functionality and feature enhancements as well as leveraging our increased staffing to accelerate our speed. In addition to the projects we are working on for UNOSOF, some areas we are working on jointly with Komet include:

  • Enhanced Inventory Integration: While we currently have an inventory integration with Komet and K2K, we want to improve it to create seamless connectivity between Komet and UNOSOF customers for both their current and projected inventory with appropriate levels of control on what is shown.
  • Centralized Payments: Komet has been working to build an expanded payments platform for its customers with a domestic (US/Canada) payment solution rolling out at the end of the year and working to deliver an international payment solution in 2024.  We are exploring ways to leverage this same platform to improve payment speed while reducing fees.
  • Barcode and Product Catalog: We are working to integrate the barcoding systems between Komet and UNOSOF as well as undertaking a joint collaboration to create a master product catalog to make it easier for product information to be shared and managed through e-commerce and K2K.

What lies ahead

We are committed to continuing the journey of innovation and efficiency with you, and we are excited about the boundless opportunities this partnership unfolds.  We will continue to keep you updated with new features and product updates.  To the extent you are interested in using Komet for your wholesale or importer operations or you want to get your farm onto K2K, please reach out to Jeroen ( or Felipe Mesa ( to get a demonstration.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and expect more updates in the months and quarters ahead as we continue to build new features and functionality for you.


Jeroen Van Vliet and Jeremy Adams, Co-founders,